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    Michael Duke

    Michael Duke is a Master Coach, Keynote Speaker and Author. Michael teaches managers and business owners how to Recruit and Retain the Best Employees. His coaching method can be delivered in keynote form or a break-out session. His interactive approach gives participants real life office situations, using successful techniques that provide positive reinforcement with a team element.

        Kelly Anne Beile

        Kelly Anne Beile is a beauty queen and a successful business woman. With a MBA from the University of Kentucky, she combines humor with savvy business tactics to punctuate the importance of social media marketing. As an accomplished TV host, sports specialist and Reality TV Star, Kelly Anne also speaks to young women on achieving a positive self-image and empowering attitude. She weaves a compelling and captivating story of her journey from Kentucky to Los Angeles with life experiences, corporate achievement and media perception. For small business owners and managers or women in transition, Kelly Anne Beile will be the crowning touch at your next event.

            Jeff & Chad Orr

            Hollywood’s Telepathic Entertainers Jeff and Chad Orr. Two Brothers – One Mind. Jeff and Chad are masters of audience participation. Your guests will laugh out loud and be amazed at the same time. The interactive show has the brothers mentally sharing random thoughts from the audience ending in the brother’s signature finale “The Out of Room Transmission.”

                Bob Farmer

                Bob Farmer is known to everyone as “Farmer Bob.” He’s one of the country’s leading rural humorists, providing wit and wisdom from his homespun stories. Bob is the National Representative for the Farmers’ Almanac and a veteran of the Grand Ole’ Opry. Perfect for audiences looking for the simpler side of life. Company and association personalized almanacs are available for purchase. Great for Goodie Bags!

                    Pam Weston

                    Pam Weston is a National Gospel recording artist. Her chart making songs have been enjoyed by audiences worldwide. Enjoy her latest release, “Mama Can’t Remember.”

                        Gabriella Draney

                        Gabriella Draney is Cofounder and CEO of Tech Wildcatters, a Forbes Top 10 seed accelerator for b2b startups. With more than 13 years in the entrepreneurial world, she has experience in strategy, fund-raising and corporate innovation. Gabriella is a targeted keynote and breakout session speaker for your next chamber event. She is passionate about helping startups connect the dots. Before attending business school at SMU, Gabriella was a serial entrepreneur with experience in software, aviation, finance, and nutrition.

                        Gabriella received her MBA in Strategy & Entrepreneurship from Southern Methodist University as a Cox Distinguished Merit Scholar, during which she interned for Silver Creek Ventures. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of North Texas with a BBA in Finance.

                            Gary De Rodriguez

                            Gary De Rodriguez is an International keynote speaker known as the People Mechanic. Gary focuses on communication and team performance as a corporate consultant and professional coach. He is licensed trainer of Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic Psychology, Extended DISC assessor, and a member of the International Network of Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic Psychology.  Gary has also been certified in Quantum Linguistics, Time Line Therapy, Master Hypnotherapist, Certified Language Mastery Trainer, and Certified Outcomes Facilitator. 



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